Quick Release Molle Ballistic Resistance Body Armor Bullet proof Vest


Kelin supplies various kinds of Ballistic Resistant Body Armors (bulletproof vests) according to customers' requirments of styles, materials, colours, sizes.

Armour Material: Twaron/Kevlar/UHMWPE UD fabric
Styles: Concealable style, standard style, standard style with front, back, sides, neck, shoulder, or groin protection coverage.

Ballistic performance: NIJ 0101.04 Level IIIA.

Usage: Military forces, public security police, armed police, special police, guards, etc. 

Weight: 7000g

Quantity: 2 pieces/carton

Carton size: 50x50x30cm

All-protect Style
Designed for: Police officer, armed polices, customs officers, law enforcement, security guards and battlefield combat soldier
Protection part: Front, rear, neck, shoulder, upper arm, waist and groin (up to higher level with plates)
Protection Level: NIJ0101.04 IIIA;
                                GA141-2001 III

Protection Area: 0.52M2


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