YRG Baton-colorful


Kelin Colorful YRG Baton for self-defense


1. Material: steel tube with colourful titanium plated

2. All parts of the baton are hardened by heat-treatment, the hardness can be up to 45-50HRC

3. Abrasion and rust resistant

4. Soft foma handles offer secure grip while openng, closing or engaging the weapon

5. It can take with the tapered bottom or with the flashlight

6. There are 2 sizes for you choose 21" or 26"

a.length in closed position is 21±0.5cm, opened position is 53±0.5cm, weight is 540g

b.length in closed position is 25±0.5cm, opened position is 63±0.5cm, weight is 650g

Packing: Nylon pouch + paper box


21": 37×33×29cm 29kg
26": 38×38×32cm 33kg

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