Explosion-proof fence& Explosion blanket


The enclosure directs the force of the blast upwards into the blanket, which contains most of the fragments created by the explosion. The size of our blanket is 160X160cm. The inner safety enclosure's diameter is 45cm and height is 30cm. The external safety fence’s diameter is 60cm and height is 15cm.

These enclosures composite concentric circles, once detonating explosive force equivalent of 200TNT, the person with a radius of 3 meter from explosion center won’t be suffered by fatal harm. If you are only wish to defense threat from pistol, then no need to use safety circles, covering blanket would be enough for defensing 9mm Parabellum FMJ RN 436m/s. The total weight would be approximate 28 kg including the outer shell and basic exporting package.


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