pepper spray

 Name: 600ml pepper spray
Model: PSQ-XAP600
Volume: 600ml
Size: diameter-6.5cm, height-27.3cm
Weight: 0.435kg
Package size: 14.5*8*27.5cm
Material: OC
Effective spray time: ≥10s
Spray distance: ≥15m

How does Pepper Spray Work?
Pepper spray is most effective when sprayed into the face of an attacker. Upon contact with the mucus membranes of the body (commonly the eyes, nose and mouth) an intense, debilitating burning sensation will begin. Other inflammatory responses that can follow within several seconds are temporary blindness, restricted breathing, coughing, choking, nausea and disorientation. These non-lethal involuntary responses will last from 15 minutes to over an hour giving you time to immediately escape to a safe location and contact the local police department.

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