KL-BG10235Wolf Slaves 65L Combat Rucksack Camping Backpack


Wolf Slaves 65L Combat Rucksack Camping Backpack


Utility backpack made by high density nylon material.
Rugged internal aluminum frame.
Drawstring collar closure.
Top-loading main compartment with flip top.
2 sides and front zipper pouches.
Zipper compartment on flip top.
Main compartment zipper access via bottom with internal drawstring divider.
Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist strap.
Cushion pads at the back, shoulder and waist strap for excellent comfort.
Strap and clip around the backpack, able to add-on pouches and accessories.
Elastic opening nylon cover to protect backpack from rain and mud, cover can be concealed in flip top compartment.
Withstand harsh combat situation.
Perfect for outdoor activities.

Color - Matte black,Olive Drab,Woodland Camo,Mulit Camo,Digital ACU Camo,Desert Camo,TAN,Digital Woodland Camo,
Weight - 2040g
Size - 18"W x 27"H x 10"D
Capacity - 65L



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