VT11025 Canteen Hydration Vest tactical vest Olive Drab


VT11025 Canteen Hydration Vest tactical vest

Color - Matte black,Tan,Multi Camo,Canadian Cadpat.Olvie Drab Weight - 1370g


Made by high density nylon material.
1" molle webbing cross straps for attaching molle pouches.
Quick release buckle for wearing.
Fully adjustable in size.
Including all pouches and accessory holders shown in photos.
1 detachable triple magazine pouch.
1 detachable admin map pouch.
2 detachable canteen pouch.
Hydration pouch located on the back accommodate 3L water reservoir.
Detachable hydration pouch can be used alone.
Perfect for paintball, war game and other outdoor activities.

NOTE: Hydration reservoir pack is not included.


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