FBF-21 Anti-Riot Suit

KELIN FBF-21 Anti-Riot Suit

FBF-21 Anti Riot Gear with Adjustable Belt for Militray
Quick details:
Place of Origin: JiangSu, China (mainland)
Brand Name: KELIN
Model Name: FBF-21
Selling Units: single iterm
Packaging Size: 60*42*26cm
Gross Weight: 7.6kg
Anti-riot gear FBF-21
This type of simple anti-riot adopts custom-made metal parts for connection in the elbow and knee parts on the basis of YH20 type. This type of armored suits is not only easy and simple to put on and take off, but also flexible and mobile for the policemen to kneel, jump, squat, run, pitch and turn bodies etc. after wearing it. Under the condition of anti-riot suit, it can help the policemen to defeat mobs more conveniently and effectively.
Weight: 6.5 Kg
Black and army green are optional in this type.
Technical Parameters:
1.The anti-riot suits are specially manufactured by non-toxic and flame-retardant materials. Besides, they use the advanced buffer technology to set the ventilation system.
2.Our anti-riot suits are practical, convenient and flexible, with excellent appearance and reasonable connection structure and design. It only takes three minutes to be neatly dressed. They are obviously superior to conventional anti-riot suits in various technical indexes.
3.On the basis of stabbing-resistance in lower abdomen, the simple style anti-riot suits add the adjustable scrotum protective bowls. Meanwhile, the eye-splices are installed on chest and rachis. The design of the product is to make the policemen more convenient to go to toilet, which is very practical.
4.The design of the simple style anti-riot suits is distinctive. The detachable stab-resistant plate is set in the inner layer of chest and back. While executing tasks, it can also replace with the bulletproof plate at any time.
5.Stab-Resistance Performance: Use the standard test knife vertically stab at the chest, back and abdomen of the anti-riot suit with 20J kinetic energy, the point of the knife can not penetrate the protective layer.
6.Impact Resistance Performance: Place any protective part of the anti-riot suit on the rigid plane, and shock it with 120J kinetic energy, the corresponding part would not be broken or cracked.
7.Absorption of Striking Energy Performance: Place chest and back of the anti-riot suit on the standard gumming dirt, and shock it with 100J kinetic energy, the depth of indentation should not exceed 20mm.
8.Impact Resistance Performance at Low-Temperature and High-Temperature: Place the plastic protective layer of the anti-riot suit in a thermotank with high temperature of +55±2ºC as well as the low temperature of -20±2ºC for four hours, the corresponding parts should not be broken in the impact tests.
9.Flame-Retardant Performance and Effective Protective Area of the anti-riot suit: the result of inspection of all the inspection items comply with the relevant regulations of GA420-2008 Anti-Riot Suit.
10.Protect Area: m2
1.Chest, Abdomen and Groin: ≥0.1
2.back: ≥0.1
3.Arms :≥0.18
4.Legs :≥0.30
Resistance capability
Velcro: >7.0N/cm2
Buckle: >500N
Joints: >2000N

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