010B ICW Bulletproof Plate

KELIN Ballistic Plate

USA Nij0101.06 Level III+ Bulletproof Plate with PE
Product Name: Bulletproof Plate
Brand Name: KELIN
Model Number: 010B ICW
Origin:Jiangsu, China
Packaging & Delivery:
Detailed Delivery: 20 days
Curvature: single curve
Material: 100% Polyethylene
Size: 250*300*19mm
Weight: 1.35kg
Protection Level: USA NIJ0101.06 Level III+(In conjunction with IIIA BPV)
Ballistic Performance:
1).7.62*51mm NATO ball ammunition M-14 at 15 meteres
2).7.62*39mm MSC AK-47 at 15 meters
3).5.56*45mm 193/SS109/M855 M-16 at 15 meters
4).5.45*39mm Russian ball at 15 meters
5).12 gauge slug at 0 meters

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