LZ-J-W6 road blocker


LZ-J-W6 type road blocker
Model: LZ-J-W6
Product Features:
1. Advanced design concepts. Adopting remote traction drive to achieve automatic release.
2. Small volume, light weight. The overall weight less than 8KG. Facilitate man-portable.
3. Monitor distance is adjustable, monitor the length within 7 meters can be free to choose according to the actual combat.
4. Remote control distance of up to 150 meters, easy to operation personnel of concealment and security protection.
5. Easy, operation, manual and automatic dual-use. High strength hollow nails, from design, deflated effect is good.
Performance parameters:
Weight: less than 8kg
Battery: use special high capacity rechargeable battery
Voltage: 12V
Hollow steel pin number: 86
Punctured tyre thickness: 3.5mm or less
Monitor length: 7 meters within the freedom to choose
Remote distance: 150m bearing 20 tons
Body size: 55*42.5*9cm

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