WLZ-1 road blocker

WLZ-1 road blocker
Number of pricker: 158
Intercept length: 8m
Using the road width: 10m
Effective width: 220mm
Pricker effective length: 38mm
Bearing material: Aluminum alloy
Material: Pricker hard die-casting zinc alloy
Each carton weight: 17KG
Product introduction:
WLZ-1 road blocker has advance assembly, recycling, free expansion, safe and effective, light path coverage, strong adaptability, light weight, portable, convenient use, etc. Equipped with 158 pieces of acupuncture and a fixed set of orange colour, at a distance will show a marked and invilable line, can effectively block the road quickly in an emergency. It is the first selection of road traffic control equipment. It is the bane of driving offenders. Widely used in public security, armed police, traffic, and other countries important funcitons.

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