Notice: 2018 Spring Festival Holiday Arrange

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                                            Notice: 2018 Spring Festival Holiday Arrange

Dear customers,

2018 Spring Festival falls on 16th February. To celebrate this traditional Chinese festival, all staffs of Jiangsu Kelin Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will have a 10-day holiday.

Here, we arrange ahead of the issues in order to facilitate all the customers, suppliers and colleagues. And details list as below:

1. All orders need to be dealed before Jan 30th, 2018. For new orders, will be delayed to after this holiday.
2. Holiday from 12th Feb. Monday to 21st Feb. Wednesday. And the office work will resume on 22rd February morning, Thursday.

If you have any inquiry or emergency during our leave, please feel free to contact:
Helen Sun
Tel: 0086-18805260707 (Whatsapp ID)

Susie Gu
Tel: 0086-13952620707 (Whatsapp ID)

Jisse Qian
Tel: 0086-13852620707 (Whatsapp ID)

Cassie Dong
Tel: 0086-18061021330 (Whatsapp ID)

Shirley Fan
Tel: 0086-13952626325 (Whatsapp ID)

We will try our best to deal with them as soon as we come back. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We really appreciate your support in the past whole year! We will try our best to provide you good products and services as we did before.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Jiangsu Kelin Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

7th February , 2018


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