KELIN are getting ready for the busy season of producing and selling.

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In early spring, our Kelin employees,full of solidarity and vigor, are bracing ourselves for the busy season of producing and selling.

Large amount of goods are in the order scheme, with quick delivery demanded. The front-line workers in our production department are at tull tilt on their production line. The molding workshop sees the swing scene: workers are full of energy and attention, devoted to the processing task; administrative staffs are running around scheduling production.In the packaging workshop, packaging procedures are on the go, overwhelmed with the machine booming. Boxes of bulletproof shield, anti-riot shields, bulletproof helmets, anti-riot helmets are ready to be shipped. All of us are uplifted by the exciting scenario. Delivery truck laden with  stun batons, pepper sprays, batons, bullet proof equipment and anti-riot gears, are heading for the ports...

For new orders from our customers, we will try our best to deliver the products to the port in time, according to your requirement. If a slight delay were inevitable, we would be appreciate of your patience.

Our Kelin employees are grateful for all the support from our honorable customers. Your needs is our goal and your satisfaction is our pursuit.

self defense flashlight

stun gun

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