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Company History

2010: Kelin's products'soft bullet-proof vest' and 'PC riot shields' have been qualified by the 'Quality Inspection Center Ministry of Public Security Police Equipment'.
2010: Jingjiang Kelin Electronic Equipment Factory was renamed as 'Jiangsu Kelin Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'.
2009: Kelin's products had been successfully sold in 28 countries and regions. Many international customers are attracted by our good qulity and reputatiom.
2008: Kelin's product K95 type Stun Gun was coming to market, it create an New pettern of the stun gun design and raise the design concept of this industry.
2007: Kelin signed an investment agreement with the Jingjiang Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of RMB 52 million.
2007 Jingjiang Kelin Electronic Equipment Factory was regarded as Director unit of 'Jingjiang Security Equipment Industry Association' as the governing unit
2006: Customs exports data showed that Kelin was the largest producer and exporter of stun guns in China.
2005: Kelin's new brand 'Andao' was registered successfully.
2005: Kelin wroted "Sincere and trustworthy business will grow big and permanent" into its Company philosophy.
2005 Jingjiang Kelin Electronic Equipment Factory was regarded as member unit of "China Security and Protection Industry Association".
2003 Kelin's products stun guns and expandable batons and other self defense device marched towards the international market globally.
2002: Kelin had established a complete production lines and management system, and taken "safety and security, global sharing" as its development goal.
2001 Jingjiang Kelin Electronic Equipment Factory was formally established, and Kelin was facing the world with a new look.
1996: Kelin's 293 series products stun guns have been widely recognized in the industry.
1993: Kelin's first production line of stun guns was put into production, which symbolized the start of Kelin's enterprise.
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