About Kelin

Company Culture

Integrity is one of Chinese traditional culture, and also Kelin’s acting compass. It will be the bridge between Kelin and the world to supply safety and security for the world and print colorful future for Kelin.
Kelin develops its company step by step in a down-to-earth way. Non-impulsive, non-aggressive and non-vanity have become the consensus of everyone in Kelin family. It moves on at a steady step even in the economic crisis. It promotes its hundreds-years business by positive and steady manner.
Innovation is an important symbol of the vitality of an enterprise and has become an inexhaustible energy to promote the development of Kelin. Kelin takes innovation as a part of its corporate culture, it applauds every creator loudly.
Because of innovation, Kelin has established its most advanced corporate image, strategic and dynamic employment system.
Kelin aspires to become international, modern and professional manufacturer of police equipment (metal detector, bullet-proof vest, handcuff, helmet, shield etc)and civilian security devices (stun guns, expandable batons, pepper spray) for people all over the world. Kelin family are working hard for this beautiful dream and remarkable goal.
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